Favorite Super Bowl commercial

I didn’t watch the majority of the Super Bowl because I am currently fighting the stomach flu, but I did get to see some of the commercials.


Many people, especially those in the military, are having issues with this commercial. Many are saying they created emotion towards military deployments as a way to advertise for Jeep. People feel used, hurt, insulted.  I 100% disagree that this commercial was out of line. From the moment it started, I had tears in my eyes.

Am I going to go buy a Jeep now? No, but I appreciate the support from the company and what they said was true, our country will not be whole until they all come home.

2 thoughts on “Favorite Super Bowl commercial

  1. minnie1156 says:

    This was also my favorite commercial. I think it is great that jeep is donating $250 to the USO for every Jeep that they sell.

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