Kindle Deal – Rutgers Pride


As a Rutgers Alumni, I felt it was my duty to advertise this Kindle Deal, A Friend of the Family by Lauren Grodstein. I am not sure when the deal ends, so get it before it’s too late!

I gave this book to my mother-in-law when it first came out in 2009, but I have not had the opportunity to read it. Ms. Grodstein is an English Professor at Rutgers Camden. She was teaching while I was there, but I did not have the opportunity to take one of her classes.

Since the novel is on sale for $1.99, regularly $13.95, I decided to get it for my Kindle. Just another book to add to my reading list. My list really does keep getting longer and longer. I need to stop looking at Amazon every day; I have no willpower, what-so-ever. Curently, it is ranked #41 on the ever-changing best seller Amazon Kindle list. It has been in the Top 100 for the past 28 days.

Rutgers Camden is a research college, meaning most of the professors are working on projects other than just teaching their students.  One of the reasons I liked attending class there was the fact that almost all of the professors (especially in the English Department) had written books. The downside to that was we usually had to read them for class. Not that it was always a bad thing, but sometimes they were brand new and we had to buy them at full price. When you’re in college used books are always a better buy. It’s also kind of awkward giving a book a bad review when your teacher wrote it or helped to edit it.

I promise to give an honest review of this book after I read it. I may start it today since the book I just started reading the other day kind of stinks.

On the college front news, I just paid off all of my loans. Apparently, I was getting ripped off by high interest rates and Jim insisted we just get rid of the loans. I am both relieved and sad. I guess now I can officially start looking into what I want to get my master’s degree in. I will probably end up getting it in English because I am such a sucker for reading and writing, if you haven’t already noticed. Although, I have been thinking about getting it in Childhood Studies or Creative Writing. Time will only tell!


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