Sewing with Rosie

my craft table

Jim bought me a fabulous sewing machine for Christmas. The first sewing machine I ever used was my Grandpop’s. He was a tailor and a wonderful man. I hope he is up in heaven, smiling down on me and my new machine. Tomorrow would have been his 89th Birthday.

It took me about an hour to figure out how to fill the bobbin and thread the needle, but once that was all set up, it was smooth sailing. I’m sure Grandpop was cracking up at my frustrations, but I didn’t give up!

As I have said before, it is freezing here. The heat in Korea rises from the floors. For some reason, our foyer, two bathrooms, and laundry room are not heated at all. Jim and I discovered that a lot of the heat from our apartment was leaking out the door to the foyer and the door to the laundry room, so after using towels for a week, I was finally able to make some door pillows to block the cracks.

laundry room door

laundry room door

foyer door

foyer door

I think they turned out pretty great, for a first project at least.

I also made a little pin cushion because I desperately needed one. I didn’t want to drop a pin on the floor and Toby eat it, because he would eat it. He’s a little garbage disposal. His favorite item to eat is dust, hooray for that because I don’t have to sweep as much: stupid hardwood floors.

poor attempt at a pin cushion

poor attempt at a pin cushion

Fabric is SO cheap here in Korea. I can get a yard for about 3,000-4,000 won and with the exchange rate being so crappy lately, that’s about $3-$4. I really love this elephant fabric. I only bought a few scraps off the sale table, but it was worth it to make this special little pillow.

What I have learned from sewing so far is: iron your fabric, even if you really don’t want to, and pin your fabric!


2 thoughts on “Sewing with Rosie

  1. Mary v Forlano says:

    Grand pop would be very proud of you Rosie. The cushions are great so keep up the good work. Hate to say this but weather in PA today is very mild so stay warm in Korea. Love to you and Jim. Aunt Mary F

    • Rosie says:

      thank you! Love you too! I saw the weather on my slingbox, Cecily Tynan told me it would me a mild weekend and I yelled at the laptop screen, “NOT IN KOREA!” Then I saw a Wedny’s and Olive Garden commercial. It was a bad day for TV LOL BUT it is supposed to be 41 today, I am going shopping in the nearby city!

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