Goodbye 2012!

Here we go again, the end of one year, and the start of another.

At the end of 2011, moving to Korea  was a possibility, but not a guarantee. Now, here I am, going on my tenth month in Korea, the halfway point! As of January 14th, we will only have ten more months to go! Where to next? We have no idea! But we’re hoping it’s closer than 7,000 miles from our family and friends.

In 2012, Jim and I lived in our first apartment together, we adopted our first dog, and we lived in a new country for the first time. This year has definitely been full of excitement.

Korea 902

Christmas Eve 2012: our first Christmas together

2013 is going to be full of more excitement. I will be going home for one more visit in May, to the states, and Jim’s mom and brother are coming to visit us in June! Within the next few months we will find out where our next “home” will be. Once that happens, its smooth sailing. I’ll be able to research houses and/or apartments in the area and maybe even start the search of finding a job!

We hope to be spending some of the holidays in 2013 in PA/NJ, which will be very special for us. 13 is our lucky number. We started dating on the 13th of December. This past December 13th was our fourth dating anniversary. February 19, 2013, will be our second marriage anniversary.

See you next year!


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