Have a Holly Jolly Christmas


About a week ago,  Jim and I went to Lotte World. This was the one place I wanted to go to in Korea. I found it online less than a week after we found out he was going to Korea in 2011. It seemed like a magical place, just like Disney.

I am happy to report that I really did enjoy Lotte World. It was far from Disney World, but nothing is as magical compared to the land of Mickey Mouse.


We were lucky enough to get an awesome military/holiday discount for our tickets. Tickets that normally cost 40,000 won each, cost us 15,000 won each!

Lotte world had a lot of cool rides, mostly for kids, including a few roller coasters for adults. Jim had been there before and went on the roller coasters, we skipped them this time around because I am not a huge roller coaster fan. The only ride we went on was the hot air balloon ride, which circled the main floor.


I mostly enjoyed walking around and looking at the holiday decorations. There was also a Christmas parade that put us in the holiday spirit. I would definitely recommend going for Christmas, it makes it extra special.


There is an inside area and an outside area of Lotte World. It was really cold the day we went, but we bundled up to go see the coolest part of any disney-like place, the Castle.


chips on a stick and chicken on a stick

Not only was the atmosphere great, but the food was delicious too! We had churros (one of our favorite snacks,) bulgolgi hot dogs, chips on a stick (with a cheesy powder,) and chicken on a stick (with a sweet and sour sauce.)


Don’t miss the Folk Museum on the third floor, which is included in your ticket! It’s a really interesting museum that teaches you about Korean history.

On the way home from Lotte World, we took the subway to City Hall Station and checked out the Christmas lights. There are very few places that you can see Christmas lights in Korea, but this one is a must see for anyone who misses driving around and looking at lights in the states!










Happy Holidays,  from our home to yours!


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