The REAL Army Wives of Alaska

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As I write this, my Slingbox is malfunctioning. To say I am panicking is an understatement, but my wonderful mother is dealing with the issue back in the states, and hopefully it will be fixed by the season premiere of “Married to the Army: Alaska” on Sunday, November 18. I’m pretty sure I would die of boredom if I had to wait that long to watch my shows again, but I am working on other outlets and hobbies that waste endless amounts of time, like crafting and reading, or just plain old stalking on Facebook.

This is my kind of reality show, for the obvious reasons. Okay so you caught me, most reality shows are my cup of tea, especially my new-found obsession with “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette,” but when you’re in another country, or without your husband for long amounts of time, you take what you can get.

“Married to the Army: Alaska” has been in the works for a while now. At first I thought, “Who would sign up for this show? It’s going to be a train wreck.” But after learning that it was going to be on Oprah’s network, OWN, I was a bit relieved. I’m glad the show didn’t get picked up by MTV. I have already been given a bad reputation by growing up in New Jersey from the horrific show, Jersey Shore, I can’t imagine how they would butcher the appearance of Army Wives, as well.

If you can’t watch the preview on the OWN website because you are overseas, like me, go over to my favorite Army blogger, Army Wife 101, to watch. She has the preview embedded into her post!

As I have said before, I am a big fan of Army Wives on lifetime, but that isn’t the REAL Army. I can’t guarantee this is the real Army either, but at least the people are real and the stories are, for the most part, real. The show looks like it will be an emotional roller coaster. I started to cry when the five-minute preview started,  but that doesn’t say much because I cry over everything. I can’t even watch “Coming Home” on Lifetime because I tear up as soon as the show starts, and getting through an episode of “Parenthood” without crying, this season, is nearly impossible for me.

I think the only issue that makes the show not relatable to most military spouses, (they probably should have recruited a guy, but besides that) is that it’s based in Alaska. I know, from my experience in Korea, this location makes our lives way harder than it should be.  I assume, that living in Alaska is similar to living in Korea, (okay minus the billion inches of snow they get and the random moose wandering around the streets.) As in, getting places takes longer; not being able to see family and friends as often as we would like; oh, and of course, we have the language barrier here. Sign me up for the next edition, “Married to the Army: South Korea”


One thought on “The REAL Army Wives of Alaska

  1. Official ArmyWife101 (@Armywives101) says:

    Hey thanks for sharing the link to my blog. I agree with you that I think this will be so much better in comparison to the TV show “Army Wives” although I totally love it. I too wish they would show some male military spouse as I believe it can be just as much of a challenge for them. I can’t wait until the Alaska one premieres as I look forward to hearing your thoughts and possible recaps on it 😀

    Have A Great Day!
    Krystel aka Army Wife 101

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