A person can get used to anything, if given enough time.

A few weeks ago Jim and I went over to Osan AFB to shop around their Ville (which is a little “Americanized” section of Korea right outside of the walk-in gate of the Air Force Base) and to get some lunch. It’s hard to resist the Chili’s on base, but we decided that because we had Chili’s the week before, we should try a new place this time.

I am so glad we picked Hangari Galbi, which is on the main street of the Ville, on the right, across from the McDonald’s.

This traditional Korean bbq restaurant had the best banchan (Korean side dishes) we have thus far in Korea. My favorite was the kimchi salad. Thank goodness they gave us a big bowl, because Jim and I were fighting over it, it was that good.

Other notable sides were: cucumber kimchi, regular kimchi, bean sprouts, Korean meatballs (wrapped in egg,) and glass noodles. There was a weird fish dish that wasn’t too great, but I am not a huge fish eater, especially when it’s cold.

For our meals, I ordered duck, which was more than amazing, and Jim ordered pork, which was also very good.We had more than enough food between us both, and the bill was only about 27,000 won. I have already decided that this is going to be one of our regular spots to eat. Even though it’s about a 30 minute drive from Camp Humphreys, it’s worth it.

At first we thought Hangari Galbi was going to be Americanized Korean food, but it certainly wasn’t. The restaurant was filled with Koreans, therefore, we believe this place was the real deal. If Koreans are eating there, it must be good, and it was more than good!


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