Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ on the river

I have never been a real outdoorsy kind of girl, but I try to pretend so that Jim thinks I am. I get tired, I get hungry, and when it’s raining, I obviously get wet. I really don’t like being outside when it rains, really though, who does?

Things I do like to do outside are, walk through parks, slowly; go to zoos; lay by the pool or ocean; and eat at outdoor cafes. I also like walking around Disney World, when it’s not raining. One of my biggest fear was rain on my wedding day, luckily it didn’t rain, but it rained during the majority of our honeymoon, even though it’s supposed to be sunny and 75 degrees, year-round, in San Diego.

When it’s raining I like to stay inside. On several occasions, I have canceled plans because it required me to leave the house in the rain. If I do actually have to leave, and going to my car in the rain is unavoidable, I put on my rain boots, raincoat, grab an umbrella, and run to the car as fast as I can.With that all being said, I will fill you in on this past Saturday’s adventure.

Jim and I went water rafting. It wasn’t white water rafting because it “wasn’t that rough.” But in my opinion, it was rough, and I’m not going to lie, at one point, I almost cried. Okay, okay, at a few points I almost cried.

The day started off with a downpour. We were literally leaving our apartment in the pouring rain to head to post to catch a bus. I kept saying to Jim, “Are we really doing this? Isn’t this dangerous?” But when we got to post…we were really doing it. We got on the bus an went on a three hour bus ride to a river further up North. No, not in North Korea.

We had a safety lesson and they made us put on ponchos, not that I was complaining because the less wet I get, the less cranky I’ll be. We got our helmets, ores, and life jackets and got back on the bus. At the next stop we picked up our raft and headed towards the water.

When we got to the water, we were told to get in, I guess to get used to the temperature? It was still raining, and I was not a happy camper. I was not about to get into the water before getting into the raft, this concept was not sitting well with me. Eventually they “made” me get in, but it was only up to my knees, that’s all I was willing to contaminate in the nasty river water.

We finally got into the boat, and started to raft down the river, in the rain. About 10 minutes into our journey, the rain did stop, and when they weren’t making me row, I was actually enjoying the scenery. There were mountains, waterfalls, and scary rocks that we could have died on if we hit them (okay I am exaggerating a little.) We almost hit one and I was glad we had helmets on!

At about halfway, we were able to stop and rest, which was good because my rowing  arm was tired. I managed to almost get out of the boat without stepping in the water again. After our break, we got back into the boat, but less than 5 minutes later, our guide wanted us to play a “game.” This game required us to PUSH each other off the boat! I was like, no way in hell am I getting in the river! So I  refused and hid on the inside of the raft while the guys pushed each other in. I did not sign up for games in our raft! I did not pay 30,000 won to fall into the river.

After that fiasco, it was pretty much smooth sailing to the end. We got back to the shore and had to carry our raft up this huge hill. I complained, of course, because I was hungry and wet. Luckily, we had a place to shower and change, and they were about to feed us lunch, so things were finally looking up.

Lunch was good! I must say that I enjoyed eating on picnic tables and enjoyed another yummy Korean meal. I like eating Korean food once a week or once every other week, it’s good and healthier than eating Chinese food.

The bus ride home was long and we were exhausted, so we slept for the majority of it. I had fun being with Jim and seeing a new part of Korea, it was definitely a once in a lifetime experience, but I could have done without the river, and the rain.

Many thanks to my friend Jessika for the pictures!!!

Every moment you waste in life is a sin. Nothing waits for you. It all just moves on. –Bunheads


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