At Least Korea has Pizza Hut

I miss a lot of things back in the states: my family, my friends, my puppies, Starbucks drinks made correctly, Chic-fil-a fries and nuggets, Target and Kohls, I could go on and on, but the one thing I don’t have to miss is Pizza Hut. One of the many unhealthy habits Jim and I have is splitting an entire Pizza Hut pizza together. His go to choice is the pan pizza with pepperoni and my choice is stuffed crust, with just cheese.

Here in Korea, we tried a new pizza at Pizza Hut in downtown Pyeongtaek, Bulgolgi Pizza.

This is a medium pizza, according to Pizza Hut Korea standards, and feeds 2-3 people. I’m not sure if you can tell by the picture, but this pizza was small! Jim and I could have devoured one each, easily. Thank goodness there wasn’t a third person because they would have only been able to eat the little bit of fondue cheese left at the bottom of the cup, which is featured on the right side of this photo.

On the pizza there was: cheese, mushrooms (just on Jim’s half,) peppers (I picked most off except the yellow,) onions, and tomato sauce. The crust was made up of cheese dippers, which consisted of cheese and sweet potatoes (YUM!) The fondue, which came with the pizza, was a very sweet tasting cheese. Overall, it was a great pizza but way too small, we both left feeling hungry. The pizza cost about 25,000 won (roughly $23.00,) and for that price, we should have left over satisfied.

Will we get it every day? No…but it was different and certainly a pizza we will only find in a Pizza Hut in Korea.


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