Lazy Tuesday crafts

While I was waiting for the electrician to come and fix my water filter (We don’t drink the tap water here) and my dishwasher (it literally worked for 20 minutes, which wasn’t even enough to do one load of dishes) I decided to try some simple (very simple) Pinterest crafts.

This is really as creative as I get. I used clothes pins that weren’t being used on our line, markers, and magnet tape. Just an easy way to make decorative magnet clips for your fridge.

I wish I could say I made this sign, but I received it as a gift from my aunt and cousin at my bridal shower. I did, however, make the picture line, below it, with Command hooks, can be found at most general stores; part of a leftover cord we had from out clothes line; and more clothes pins.

The pictures hanging on the picture line are from three of the large bodies of water Jim and I have stuck our toes in. I labeled each clothes pin accordingly. From left to right: Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and the Gulf Coast. This DIY picture line was cheaper than buying a three photo frame, and we can swap out pictures if we ever feel like doing so!


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