Spring has sprung in Korea!

After almost a whole month of frigid, leftover winter weather, Spring has arrived in Korea. It’s hard to believe the transformation from when I first got here on March 18, and now, April 19. Every day, I see more and more cherry blossoms blooming and trees coming to life once again. Korea is not that pretty in the winter, but so far, in the spring, it’s beautiful.

These are from the back of our apartment building.

Now that spring is here, summer is right around the corner and the good news is, our first shipment of stuff has finally arrived.  I say finally as if it took forever, but really, it only took three weeks, one week less than we were told. We are finally able to use the amazing gifts we received at my shower and our wedding. More stuff should be coming soon and then the rest is stuck at my parents house until we go to our next duty station.I can honestly say, minus the million bathing suits/beach towels I sent over (We are three hours away from the beach, by train,) all of the stuff that has gotten here so far is useful, especially my vacuum! I was getting tired of sweeping our hardwood floors (I know, I know, it’s not like I have anything else to do, but the vacuum definitely makes that chore way easier.)

Another great part of the Spring is the outdoor market. Every five days, right down the street from our apartment, there is a huge outdoor market with fish, flowers, produce, clothing, and lots of delectable street food. Yesterday was our first trip to the outdoor market, Jim had crab on a stick for 1,000 won (= less than a dollar) and I, of course, had a corn dog (700 won = about 70 cents). Doesn’t get any cheaper than that for a lunch that’s cooked right there in front of you.

The fish smelled pretty bad, I can’t imagine the smell in the summer.

These are the goodies we brought home from the market. From left to right: rice cakes with sesame seeds/sauce inside, bean sprouts, strawberries, and cucumber kimchi. The strawberries are so sweet, I can’t get enough of them. The rice cakes were okay, Jim liked them a lot. Tonight we are having the bean sprouts, which I am boiling for 2-3 minutes and soaking in soy sauce, and the cucumber kimchi, which I have to chop up. I can not wait until the next market which will be on April 23.


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