Another day, another great meal

I love food. Sometimes you would think I weighed 2390174908 pounds by the way I talk about food, luckily I don’t weigh that much. I am also pretty lucky that the Army offers FREE  exercise classes on post that I have been trying to attend, such as zumba and aqua fit. They also have yoga (I almost fell lasleep/got way too bored in this class,) Spin (scared to try, but will try soon,) and other various classes that sound cool and I will eventually check out.

The other day, Jim and I went to AK Plaza again and ate on the 7th floor. There are 8 floors on AK plaza, the top being a huge movie theater.

Omuto Tomato is a Japanese restaurant, we googled it while waiting for our food. We chose this place because the plastic food models in the window (which are very popular in Korea) looked good and also because the menu had words we understood on it, i.e. English.

I had a beef dish that was amazing. It was rice, wrapped in egg (who thinks of this stuff??) and a beef type sushi looking roll wrapped in a delicious flaky bread.

The sauce was to die for, sweet and savory. I literally wanted to lick my plate clean, and in Korea, this probably would not have impolite. When you slurp your food in Korea, it is actually compliments to the chef.

I learned about how restaurants work, in our new country of residence, during our meal. There is a button on the table and you push it when you want service. Awesome, right? Except I pushed it and I didn’t need anything, this is how I learned the service policy. I thought closing your menu was enough to say, “Hey, I’m ready!” But not in Korea, here we push buttons.

Jim and I drink A LOT of water. Especially when the food is spicy, which it is, everywhere, in Korea. I’m curious to know why they only fill our water glasses halfway here. This requires me to push the service button even more and savor every drop of water that goes into my mouth, knowing it could be my last one unless I push the button, yet again, to annoy my server, even more. You also don’t tip here. Which is really hard to get used to because our waiter was so nice and came every time we pushed the button, so we tipped him, even though we are not supposed to. I’m sure they thought we were crazy Americans, but then later our waiter said bye to us on the escalator, how nice is that?

He deserved his 3,000 won tip!

Jim had a egg/rice/chicken meal at Omuto Tomato. I did not try it because it had mushrooms, but it looks equally as good as mine, even though I think he was jealous of my dish. Guess we will have to go back!

You can see in the picture below the plastic food models, Koreans take pride in their models. Our bill came to about 22,000 won, plus the tip we left which we weren’t supposed making our bill 25,000 won. On top of our two meals we received soup, which was some type of warm broth. Jim said it tasted like pretzels,  and Kimchi. The Kimchi was really good, but very spicy, if I had more water, I would have ate more Kimchi.


2 thoughts on “Another day, another great meal

  1. Nicole says:

    Yay! You have to blog whenever you are abroad. That is my personal rule, anyway. It will be fun 6 months from now to go back and read about all the things you found to be so crazy when you first arrived in Korea, because soon, if not already, they will be commonplace things. Then when you get back to the US, you’ll miss them and wonder why Americans don’t do these things, too. Anyway, so fun to read about your adventures!

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