New Year’s Eve

My afternoon started off with a visit to my first Americanized “Authentic” Korean restaurant with my parents. We had Bolgogi, Kalbi, and Bimbimbap, along with other assorted Korean sides.  All of the food I had was very tasty, even the Kimchi. I would definitely go back and I know, for sure, that I will enjoy eating Korean food in Korea.




Korean Sides

At night, we went to see the movie New Year’s Eve, which was created by the same writer/director of Valentine’s Day. The movie really pulled at my heart strings.

It was a creative movie, filled with great actors and a somewhat predictable storyline. Sofía Vergara was hilarious and played one of the best characters in the movie.

If you are a part of a military family,this movie will pull your heart strings a little more the normal, especially if your spouse is deployed.

Halle Berry’s character plays a nurse who is leaving her shift all dressed up for New Year’s Eve. She walks into an empty patient room and flips open her laptop, logs into skype, and guess who she’s skyping with? Her husband who is deployed! My mom looked and me and I lost it. Luckily, Katherine Heigl (one of my favorite actresses) has a funny scene that immediately follows, which cheered me up, somewhat.

As 2012 approached, I skyped with my soldier. We counted down to midnight, even though it was almost 2:00 P.M. the next day in Korea. I was happy to just stay in and be with my favorite person as one year ended and a new one began.

It’s officially January and Jim has been gone for “almost” two months. I use the term almost after one month passes. In reality, it won’t be two months until January 13. We’re chugging along and keeping up our hopes that we will be able to see each other soon.

Having dreams is what makes life tolerable. –Rudy



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