Why my husband is the best

Even though Jim and I are 7,000 miles apart, he still manages to make me feel special and loved.

Here are my Christmas presents:

I have been wanting an Army sweatshirt since May! I didn’t buy one in SC because it was too hot and I couldn’t find on in Pensacola because the majority of Military there were Sailors and Marines.

Jim knows I love Jewelry and I love this necklace. He said that the Korean woman who sold it to him said that a woman who wears a butterfly around her neck has all her dreams come true ❤

Jim sent me two mugs from Korea. I collect the Starbucks mugs. Sadly, one of them broke. It was red and said “Korea” on it. This one survived the journey.

Jim MADE me this sign. It says “I love you” in all different languages and the big one in the middle is Korean. How sweet, and perfect, is he???

I sent Jim this penguin mug and, of course, a bunch of other stuff!!! I’m glad he is enjoying it ❤


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