Attention dog lovers

Do not watch Haichi: A Dogs Tale.

The other night my dad put a movie on that he had DVRed. I was crocheting on the couch (I say this like I’m an expert…but really, I just started to learn) and I looked up and saw a dog (yes!) and Richard Gear (double yes!!) I don’t care if it’s weird, he is a hot old man and I will never stop liking him.

To make a long (sad story) short, Richard Gere’s character finds Haichi at a train station and brings him home so that he can find his owner. No one claims Haichi and Parker (Richard Gere) and his family keep him. Parker and Haichi become best friends and Haichi walks with him to the train station every day and then walks back at 5 PM to pick him up from the train station.


Parker has a heart attack and dies. It’s very sudden and the family is devastated, including Haichi. (Are you crying yet?!) Haichi goes to live with Parkers daughter and son-in-law but continues to go to the train station every night to wait for his owner FOR TEN YEARS! Isn’t that almost as sad as the SPCA commercials that are played on TV with the really depressing music behind it? More recently, they are playing one with “Silent Night” behind it. Way to kick someone when they are down. I’m emotional right now, anything will set me off, especially suffering animals!

Here is the saddest part, it’s based on a true story from the 1920-30’s. If you want a good cry, and you want to be depressed for weeks, (we watched Haichi last week and I’m still upset,) rent Haichi, or watch it on TV. It’s on one of the premium movie channels on Comcast right now.


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