Trying to get into the Christmas spirit

It’s kind of hard to be all “holly, jolly” around the holidays when my husband is a trillion miles away in Korea. I’d like to think that I’m at least trying to get into the spirit.

Last weekend I did Christmas stuff with Ashley in Philly. Yes, we saw the Occupy Philly people, and yes, they were as pathetic in person as they are on TV.

Christmas tree in Liberty Place Mall. Notice the flag in the back. This was me being artistic with my camera phone. We also got free shopping bags there!

Too pretty to eat, but I kind of wanted to anyways. Who has the patience to do this kind of thing? Certainly not me. I hope that magical patience is instilled in me when I have children, or else Jim is going to have to build gingerbread houses with the kids.

This picture would have been way better with Jim in it. Maybe I can Photoshop him in? I already warned him that it’s going to be Christmas palooza next year when we get to spend our first Christmas together.

My new snow hat! You can’t tell but it’s camouflaged, just in case they need me to help out when I get to Korea. I’ll be ready!

You can choose to blame your circumstances on fate, or bad luck, or bad choices. Or you can fight back. Things aren’t always gonna be fair in the real world, that’s just the way it is. But for the most part, you get what you give. Let me ask you all a question, what’s worse- not getting everything you wished for, or getting it but finding it’s not enough? The rest of your life is being shaped right now, with the dreams you chase, the choices you make, and the person you decide to be. The rest of your life is a long time, and the rest of your life starts right now. – One Tree Hill

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