My week in a nutshell

Jim has been gone for almost two weeks and I must say, I haven’t had too much time to sit and mope about it. (Mostly I have just been silently moping, while running around non-stop!)

Last Sunday we had my sister-in-law, Alicia’s, baby shower. She got A LOT of clothes, mostly. Everything I saw and wanted to buy, I  didn’t buy because I figured everyone else would buy, well no one else bought. Which means I owe my nephew a Philly Phanatic Pillow Pal.

This was the best part of the shower, a delicious Sweet Eats cake, which was half yellow, half chocolate with Oreo filling. Mmmmmhmmmm.

On Monday night I went to A.C. with my mom and we went to The Melting pot for cheese and chocolate fondue. We ended up getting the yin yang chocolate and it was amazing.

I wish I could say I won at the casino…but I lost $55. I did win at the outlets by actually having something to show for my money loss, though. I did have to avoid the Coach outlet. I couldn’t even look in the windows because that would have made it too tempting to go in.

Tuesday was my mom’s Birthday and I made Tastycake Krimpet bread pudding. It was one of the best bread pudding I have EVER had. And I’m not just saying that because I made it. Everyone else also agreed with me! As I was making it,  I had my doubts about how it would taste. It’s made with 15 eggs, 24 Krimpets, 8 pieces of bread, and a quart of heavy whipping cream (plus a few more ingredients.) Definitely not an everyday desert.

Everyone must make this.

Thursday was Turkey Day and I had a lot to be thankful for! I am the luckiest girl in the world because I have the best husband in the world! I was missing him a lot yesterday, but I know that next Thanksgiving we WILL be together 🙂 Can’t wait to have our first Thanksgiving together as a husband and wife.

This is my Aunt Dee with our 27 pound Turkey! Huge, right? We did, in fact, have 17 people at our dinner table, but it wasn’t even our biggest Thanksgiving group! 10 people were missing! Therefore, if all 27 people were there, this would have been the perfect turkey size.

This is what Jim ate for dinner in Korea:

His Thanksgiving was coming to an end as I was just waking up. The picture above is Baech’u Keot’cheoli (Cabbage Kimchi – small
bowl bottom left), Muuch’ae Kimchi (Thin-sliced Radish Kimchi – small bowl top left), Oi Sobaki (Cucumber Kimchi – small bowl bottom right),
seaweed (small bowl top right), Bulgogi (plate), and rice.

Not that I would know what it was if it weren’t for Jim explaining it all to me in an email. I am going to try some when I go see him in late February, early March.

Today, as in midnight, I went Black Friday shopping. I must admit, the majority of the stuff I bought was for myself, but I had already done 80% of my Christmas shopping prior to this. I did practically finish my Christmas list and only have 2 people to buy for.

We started off at Kohls where I got an AWESOME winter coat that was originally $200 and I got it for $50. It’ll be perfect for Colorado skiing, if we end up moving there. I got some winter clothes at Kohls too.

We went to Target next but we didn’t have much to buy and the line was wayyyy too long. We ended up going back there after sleeping until 10 and I got a fake leather coat that I have been wanting for $15, originally $35. Score!

The mall came after Target and it was a MESS. Kiddie city to the max. The mall was mostly made up of gangs of teenagers just hanging out, not shopping. Is this the new cool thing to do? When I was in high school, there was NO WAY my parents would let me go to the mall with my friends at 2 a.m. We also left there after 30 minutes, went home, and went to bed.

We went back out, like I said, at 10, and went to Target and the mall. I definitely bought a lot of stuff today and really didn’t spend that much money. I am very happy to say I do not have buyers remorse.

At the end of a day like this when so many prayers are answered and so many aren’t, we take our miracles where we find them. We reach across the gap and sometimes against all odds, against all logic, we touch..against all odds it happens. – Grey’s Anatomy 


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