Hello winter

It is COLD in New Jersey. I would give anything to be back in Florida with Jim laying on the beach, eating Waffle House. But in reality, I am freezing my butt off here, and not enjoying it one bit, and Jim is a gazillion miles away, sleeping. He made it to his post and has a very nice room. He even tried some Korean food.

At least it’s Friday, even though all days are the same for me right now because I haven’t worked for almost 3 months. Jealous? Don’t be. I’m bored. All there really is to do around here is shop and I probably shouldn’t be doing that since I’m not making any money! First shift back at the bux (Starbucks that is) is on Sunday. It should be riveting. But I am thankful to have a job and not have to hang out with the lowlife of Occupy Philadelphia. At least I don’t work in a Starbucks in the city NEAR Occupy Philadelphia. I heard it smells like pee….way to make “our” city look/sound/smell even better than before!

Me and my new bearista (from Starbucks) friend are twins in our green floatation devices. I wish I didn’t pack up the rest of my collection last year after Christmas, but I thought I would be somewhere, ANYWHERE but here, this year. Now I need a hat to match. There is a camo one I have been eying up at J.C Penny. I will have to get it on Black Friday. The countdown is ON, only ONE more week!!!!!!! I will be buying myself a lot of new winter clothes because I thought I would be in Hawaii or somewhere warm, by now, and got rid of all of my winter clothes (okay, most of them). Maybe next year I’ll be in Hawaii, or Colorado, or Maryland…or Korea. If only I had all the answers….As long as I am a)with Jim and b) not in NJ, I will be a happy camper.

When you learn to accept instead of expect, you’ll have fewer disappointments. Robert Fisher


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